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Dividing the Offering
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Reggae Sumfest 2006 Did Nice!
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RASS - A Very Powerful Word
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Tuck In Yuh Belly (Remix Video)
Red Stripe Joke
Pum Pum Apples

2005/09/07 - Crocodile Pool
There was a man who had nuff riches ... big car, house on the hill, gal, money and odda ray ray ray ... More

2005/09/07 - Fly Air Jamaica
A mother and her son were flying Air Jamaica from Montego Bay to Miami. The son (who had been looking out the window) turned ... More

2005/09/07 - Jamaican Love Poem
You're the ackee in my saltfish ... Condensed milk in my tea ... The patty in my coco bread ... Without you there is no me ... More

2005/09/07 - Wrong Number
This audio clip is another in the famous "Kiss Mi Rass" series, and is definitely for adults only. "Susanna" calls the "Wrong Number" ... More

2005/07/28 - Toronto Police Get Mad At Caribana
This is a photo that's undoubtedly a good example of cultural integration and community policing at work ... More

2005/07/28 - Three Times Pon The Grass
Once there was a prostitute who had three different rates based on the following three conditions: ... More

2005/07/28 - St. Paul at the Pearly Gates
St. Paul was at the pearly gates, letting in people from all over the world. As each person came up, he glanced at their visas before letting them into heaven ... More

2005/07/01 - Dread & The Colour Red
Thanks to RA Taylor from Imagesoftheworld.Org for allowing us to use this photo. What's funny or interesting about it? It doesn't take 20/20 vision to see, so look closely ... More

2005/07/01 - Future Jamaican Wal-Mart?
This curious photo was taken somewhere in Jamaica; future Jamaican Wal-Mart you think? It's always good to set goals, but some might say that the owner of this shop is probably being a little optimistic! ... More

2005/06/25 - Love (Jamaican Style)
THIS JOKE IS ACTUALLY A TRUE STORY ... Like a certain song we like says: I got a call to-day-a-aya-aya ... Yep, that's what I got ... More

2005/06/25 - The Rasta Job Application
Personal information: Name - Bobo Dread Amaka Baka Fari; Age - I man noh count birtday; Date of Birth - Mi sey Rasta noh deal wid dem tings deh man; Address - Uppa di Hills a Wesmorlan; Tel. No. - I man Doan participate ina di Bablyon system ... More

2005/05/02 - Two Goats In A Canoe
This picture which we received via an email forward would probably be more suitably classified as 'strange' rather than 'funny', as it shows two goats with a fisherman in his canoe. Maybe he's a farmer and he's carrying them off to the market for sale ... More

2005/05/02 - Telephone Call For ... Ahmmm
This audio clip is a follow up to the famous "Kiss Mi Rass" clip. Again, we received the file as an email forward and we're not sure who the pranksters are, but in this telephone call they're ... More

2005/03/17 - The Jamaican Salesman
A young man from Jamaica moves to Miami and goes to a big department shopping complex looking for a job. The manager says, "Do you have any sales experience"? The Jamaican young man says, "Bossie, mi was a salesman back home on di streets a Kingston." ... More

2005/03/17 - Strange Jamaican Yam
Some might not see the joke here, others might get it, but we got this picture of a rather 'strange' looking Jamaican yam via an email forward; so have a look (and a laugh if you get it!)... More

2005/02/27 - For A Million Dollars
A young Jamaican yute, Errol, asks his step-dad for some help. He says, "Dad, can you tell me the difference between potential and reality?" His step-father looks up thoughtfully, and says, "Mek mi show yuh. Go ask yuh Madda if she would sleep with Beres Hammond fi ... More

2005/02/27 - Priceless Reggae Boyz Game Picture
This humorous photo was taken a few years ago at the National Stadium. It really is priceless; taken from the other side of the field in the Grandstand, it shows some patrons who we guess didn't have enough funds to cover the entry fee ... so they took the next best ... More

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