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Anancy an Ratta

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By Louise Bennett (Miss Lou)

Once upon a time, Bredda Ratta was a very facety and highfalutin fella. Him use to dress up himself ina de lates style an fashion an show off himself an gwan like sey him did better dan everybody else.

So Bredda Anancy meck up him mine fi cut dung Bredda Rat to size. An Bredda Nancy tink up him brain an tink up him brain how him gwine manage fi ketch Bredda Rat an lowrate him, an den baps, Bredda Nancy memba sey dat Bredda Rat love dance so till no more no lef. Every drum knock Ratta de deh a cut figure. De one ting Bredda Ratta couldn’t resist was music.

So den Nancy gi out seh dat him gwine meck a big dance, an him invite Bredda Ratta to de ball.

Anancy shine up him dance floor shine an slippery like glass.

Anancy was a fiddler at de dance, an as Bredda Rata walks into de dance hall so Anancy start play sweet tune pon de fiddle an sing seh,

Ying de ying de ying, Ying de ying de ying,
Teck care yuh go talk oh!
Mine yuh taller-tongue, ying de ying,
Mine yuh taller-tongue, ying de ying,
Mine yuh taller-tongue, yng de ying.

Wen de music sweet Bredda Ratta so him start to wheel an tun jump an prance an cut capoose all ovah de dance floor in such a way dat everybody stop dance fi watch Bredda Ratta jiggins, an dem start praise up Bredda Ratta how him dance pretty, an Bredda Ratta dance fi de betta.

Bredda Nancy laugh to himself fi see how him plan a work good, an den him slide him fiddle ina anada sweeter tune seh,

Bandy-wich-wich, Bandy-wich-wich bandy-wich-wich wich
Tumber heng an fall, la, la
Fall la, la, fall la!

An Bredda Ratta cut figure an cut figure so tell him slide pon de shine floor an fall dung an him trousiz pap! Everybody buss out laugh afta Ratta. Lawks, Ratta shame, him shame, him shame so tell him run ina one hole go hide.

An from dat day till teday Ratta live ina hole.
Is Anancy mek it.
Jack Mandara, me noh choose none.


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